Hollywood Casting Network

Michael Richards: Vice-President

Rebecca Bond: Director of Marketing & New Talent

Anthony T: Manager

David Lewis: Marketing Director

Bill Davis: Marketing Director

Sarah Carter: Assistant

Isabella Hernandez: Assistant

Jeff Goldstein: Assistant

​Isaiah Johnson: Assistant 

Our Staff

We provide auditions for acting, modeling, singing, dance and voice-over work. We recognize here at Hollywood Casting Network that each talent is specific in its ability, as well as the individual who possess it.  Our team of professionals will assist you with providing auditions that are specific to your age, demographic, talent and location. Our marketing directors are available to assist you in the matters of preparedness and legitimacy of each audition. Our company is very selective.  We do not discuss any business with a client prior to reviewing potential members' materials such as photos, resumes, demo reels, etc. 

About Our Casting network