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How Do I Find Acting Auditions?

Audition resources are plentiful in today's world of internet and cell phones. Couple that with the fact that the entertainment industry is booming and you have a recipe for an abundant amount of auditions for people trying to become involved in the acting industry. Once you have decided that this is a path you would like to take, you will need to take it seriously. There is a lot to learn before you go to your first acting audition. You can't be successful on talent alone, so when you go to acting auditions, you must know what to be prepared for.There are many resources that will offer to help you find acting auditions in your local area. is one of those companies that can help people find free acting auditions as well. Many internet based companies offer resources to help beginners find acting auditions, but the best way has always been with an agent.Having the right agent can make or break you in the acting industry. A good agent will have the proper connections, and pull necessary to get your feet in the door of the best casting opportunities for acting auditions. In most cases, a good agent will not consider an actor without professional experience so you may want to start somewhere small, with either free auditions, or a personal manager who can help guide you in the right direction until you're ready for an agent. If you feel you are prepared for an agent, you can choose to contact agencies and management companies who may be interested in your talents. If you would like the chance to get your feet wet first on some auditions and get a feel for the competition out there, along with a better understanding of the audition process, we can help with that too.

The Audition Process

Auditioning, while might be terrifying for some talent, is imperative to becoming successful in the entertainment industry. Unless you're already a recognizable name in the industry, you're going to have to audition to keep working. Celebrities, who are well-known, are often still required to audition. Therefore, no one can claim to be the expert on auditions. Every actor gets rejected, being that the opinion of the casting director is subjective. Every actor goes through times when no one wants to hire them. It's part of the business. There are some main concepts that you should always hold in mind while preparing for an audition. They want you to do well. The casting process is as exhausting and difficult for them as it is for you. They're just waiting for the right person to walk in the room so they can all go home. Seeing them as the enemy doesn't serve you. Don't let the intimidating and often unfriendly situation keep you from doing your best work. Have fun.  You have a better chance of success if you just take the opportunity to perform and have a good time.Have confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. Confidence sells, just like in any other industry. This in no way means "be arrogant". Arrogant people aren't confident, they come off as difficult and not one who will deliver. Be yourself, and you'll have more to bring to the character. Be prepared and you'll have your best work to offer. Preparation is essential to any audition. Every professional actor should have at least 2 monologues memorized: one comedic and one dramatic. They should be no longer than 30-45 seconds in length. You NEVER want to bore a casting director. A website that is free and provides decent monologues is Sometimes, just a simple "google" can provide you with the the appropriate monologue. However, most of perfecting the audition process comes from experience. Audition classes and workshops are available as well; however, not always entirely necessary. Here at Hollywood Casting Network our talent representatives are trained on teaching our clients the tools they need to possess in order to nail the perfect audition. Please keep in mind that the more projects that you submit for the more positive your results will be. Remember, the industry is subjective, which means that your talent is solely based on the opinion of someone else. Therefore, if you do not have tenacity, assertion, and a drive to become "a star," it is likely that you will not have the strength to make it in this business. The entertainment industry is a business like any other. We require our clients here at Hollywood Casting Network to always conduct themselves in a professional manner, attend many auditions, and arrive prepared. Our team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have concerning an audition.