Hollywood Casting Network

To become a professional singer or dancer, please fill out the following form in completion to be considered. One of our representatives will review your information and contact you if we believe you are marketable. 

***If you are a minor under the age of 18, you must have your parent or legal guardian complete the submission.*** 

Requirements for a singing audition

You must bring at least 2 selections of sheet music, 1 up-tempo and 1 ballad, in legible condition. Be prepared to sing the best 16 bars. Know your vocal range.Sheet music should have full musical notation and in the key in which you will perform.If audition requires movement, dress appropriately.

In present day, the industry has evolved tremendously for reality tv for singers. In the last decade, many successful performers received their big break from reality tv shows like "American Idol," and "The Voice," and "America's Got Talent."  Another way to get into the business is what is termed the "traditional way." This requires you to record 3 original songs on your demo, create your professional press kit, with photos, bio, and demo included. Once your press kit is completed, it will be your responsibility to approach agents, managers, and record labels. It is extremely difficult to get your song played on the radio, being that there is currently a monopoly in the music business. Therefore, having the right music manager can be the key to your success. 

Requirements for a dancing audition

Wear appropriate dance attire.Bring appropriate dance shoes.If the audition requires singing, bring at least 2 selections of sheet music, 1 up-tempo and 1 ballad.Be prepared to sing the best 16 bars. Similar to singers, many dancers receive their "big break" from reality shows, such as "America's Best Dance Crew," P. Diddy's "Making the Band," "Majors & Minors," and "America's Got Talent." There are also many films that focus on dance, such as "Bring It On," etc. Most dancers also possess the talent of acting and modeling. While there are talent agencies specific to dance that exist, such as the "The Block Agency," most agents will not represent you solely as a dancer, because of the lack of opportunity and funding in the industry. Therefore, it is very likely that your agent will also send you out for commercials and sitcoms.