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How Do I Become a Musician?

The entertainment industry is considered the most unique industry in the world. There is not one certain route to success. In fact, if you ask 100 successful musicians, "how did you become successful?" they will all possess different responses. Over a million people come to Hollywood from around the world each year with dreams of becoming a star. Therefore, the route to success in the entertainment business is quite ambiguous....every musician/band possess their own journey. Today, some musicians have become successful due to their career in the film industry feature, ie Jack Black (Tenacious D) and Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars). Therefore, having the right amount of exposure and publicity is the key to your success. 

To become a professional musician you need the following:

1. Professional photos (headshots)

2. Professional resume

3. Access to legitimate music gigs

4. Online website with your music videos, appearances, and shows 

5. Professional Demo Reel 

6. Representation (Agents/Managers)

7. Your music must be original and "different" in order to be heard on the airwaves


How Do I Get Involved with Voice-Overs:

Being able to do voice-overs is a unique talent. The actor/actress must be able to perform a variety of voices and dialects. It is imperative in the voice-over industry to create a range. For example, you should be able to laugh as well as cry. In many instances it is the actor's responsibility to bring the character to life, by simply using your voice. Many professional voice-over actors are able to imitate famous cartoons, actors, and dictate famous quotes. 

To become a professional voice-over actor you need the following:

1. Professional photos (headshots), comp cards (A casting director still wants to put a face to the voice to ensure they will be working with a business professional.)

2. Professional resume

3. Professional Beginner demo reel must be at least 3 minutes long recorded in a professional studio, with at least 8-10 different voices.  This is the demo that is necessary in order for you to receive proper representation. 

4. Online website

5. Representation (Agents/Managers)

6. Professional Training is a plus in order to learn a variety of dialects and accents